Eksportfinans' Board has approved an environmental awareness policy that provides guidelines for a practical approach to environmental issues encountered within the business activities of the company:

  • One of Eksportfinans' objectives is to pay attention to the environmental consequences of business conduct. Eksportfinans shall motivate its employees to consider environmental factors in everyday work, and emphasizes that the employees should have the knowledge necessary to handle environmental issues in their work.
  • Environmental issues are considered as an integrated part of all project evaluation performed by Eksportfinans.
  • Eksportfinans will help to ensure that Norwegian exports are suited to contribute to a healthy development in the countries where Norwegian exporters are working.
  • Eksportfinans will assist Norwegian and international governments in their work with environmental issues.
  • Eksportfinans will co-operate with Norwegian and international financial institutions to ensure a similar consideration of environmental issues in connection with financing of projects abroad.
  • Eksportfinans will practice international environmental standards that are in accordance with OECD's "Recommendations on Common Approaches on Environment and officially supported Export Credits".

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